Me and the Red Carpet

It’s after midnight, and I am at Movieing, my favorite café in Tel-Aviv. The place is still packed despite the hour. Good music. Great coffee. Dimmed lights. I’m sitting at the counter with my laptop, and there are a couple of empty stools on my left.

Someone approaches me. He is French and he is gorgeous, but that’s not why I get enthused. I’ve seen him here before and heard that he is in the film industry. Now I wish I could remember if he is a director or a producer. But no worries. Either way, it’s going to work out for me.

“May I sit here?” he asks.

“Of course,” I reply, and he sits down next to me. Chitchatting, I learn that he is from Cannes—as in the Cannes Film Festival. Surely, such a chance meeting between an aspiring writer and a producer from Cannes is kismet. I can already see myself walking the red carpet…Ooops. Wrong day-dream. Abort! Wrong day-dream. I thought that I was over with the rock star shtick.

“What is it that you are doing?” the gorgeous producer asks, pointing at my computer.

“I’m writing,” I reply.

“Are you writing a book?”

“Actually, I’m at the editing stage.”

“May I read something?”

I catch my breath. My life will never be the same.

“Sure.” Reading the beginning is essential, plot-wise. “I’ll scroll back to page one.”

“I just want to read one paragraph. Whatever page you are on right now, will do.” Well, it’s page four, not one. But who would argue with a big producer from Cannes? Maybe I’ll get to walk the red carpet, after all. JK Rowling did. And although one of my two main characters is American – the protagonist is from outer space – what harm would it do to move him and his family to Paris?

I get a glimpse of the movie trailer in my mind’s eye: everybody speaks English with a French accent except the aliens…Meanwhile, he has finished reading and he looks at me admiringly. Let’s face it: I’m hot. And I don’t mean my looks or personality.

“I didn’t think you would be writing something like that,” he says in awe. So what did he think that I’d be writing? “I was sure that you’d be writing romantic stuff.” Thank heavens he didn’t read page twelve.

“Well, this is exactly what I needed,” he says and seems profoundly pleased, which is very wonderful. Where are the papers to sign? “It was really interesting,” he adds as he stands up. “I have to go now. My buddies have just arrived. Good luck to you with that.”

Not so fast, Mister. “What are you doing in Cannes?”

I had to ask.

“Boring stuff. Marketing electronics. I wish I could do something creative like you. Maybe one day I’ll get into writing, too.”

No films and no red carpets, shish kebab.*

“It was really interesting,” he says again before he leaves.

*Shish kebab: oh no, oy vey, sh** as well as wow, fantastic, get out of here. It also means a Mediterranean food.





20 thoughts on “Me and the Red Carpet

  1. Carolynn Pianta

    Oh how I love when our mind propels our (magic) red carpets. Makes for interesting tip-toeing into success.
    Congrats on the new blog. It’s a big step you just took. Feels good huh?

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      I’m so excited to have you here, Carolynn. Thanks for your lovely words. And I love magic red carpets. They beat any other carpet! 😉
      As for the blog, it is a big step. I have butterflies in my stomach…But it feels good.
      Your visit delights me, my dear!

  2. Colin Smith

    Awww! So near and yet…!

    And how many times when posting some brilliant piece online do we know–and I mean, really know–that an agent somewhere will come across that article and email us immediately demanding a mailing address for the contract, because it’s so obvious how talented we are and, even though our novel isn’t finished, the agent will wait because it will be oh so worth it…?

    Woodland creature dreams! 🙂

    Congrats with the new blog, Lilac! I’m adding you to my RSS feed. 🙂

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      Dear Colin: I’m so happy to see you here, my friend! 🙂

      I think that focusing on the path as well as the destination is the key. Since I have found Janet and the Reiders (it sounds like a rock Someone must have said that before me…), I’m so grateful for this path. And I get to meet the most wonderful and creative people. Like you!

      It honors me that you’re adding me to your RSS feed. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Donna Davis Everhart

    Well, when you say you’re starting a blog… poof! Here we come!

    Did that happen??? If so, WOW. I would have been like you – hot. I would have fought not to wave a napkin about to cool myself off. Or drip sweat. Ewww.

    Here’s to blogging!

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      Donna, my dear friend, it did happen! And I have fought not to wave a napkin about to cool myself! As for the sweat, it’s so humid here, it would drip anyway, haha.

      It’s so wonderful to have you here. I have a huge smile on my face right now. Cheers! 😀

  4. KD James

    Welcome to the world of blogging, Lilac! You’re off to a great start, what a fun story. And you never know who you’ll meet by chance one day . . . keep talking to strangers. Especially the gorgeous ones. 🙂

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      KD James, I’m thrilled to see you here. Thanks for your support and heartwarming words. I will follow your advice and keep talking to strangers. Especially the gorgeous ones. 🙂

  5. Dena Pawling

    Give yourself a lot more credit. You actually held a reasonably intelligent conversation with this person. I know so many people who would have just stared and drooled.

    I do admit I got hung up on your first line – “It’s after midnight, and I am at Movieing, my favorite café in Tel-Aviv.” The below story showed up in my Twitter feed this morning. I’m glad you were apparently NOT in this business establishment:

    Happy New Year. Great first post for your new blog. Congrats and keep writing.

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      So wonderful to see you here, Dena. 🙂

      I’m sorry my first line brought such scary things to mind. My friends from the US asked me not to go out tonight because the terrorist wasn’t caught yet.

      As for not staring and drooling, I’m used to being around famous people. Some of them I’ve met at the café, but also, the rock star shtick is not an invention. I’ve been writing music since I was a kid and got to hang around famous musicians and producers. But it wasn’t such a blissful path like writing novels (if we don’t include rejections – they always suck). 🙂

      Happy New Year to you, too. Your encouraging words are so empowering to me. Thank you, dear! 🙂

  6. John Frain

    Oooh, it’s shiny in here. And that new blog smell. Ahhhhh, love it.

    Because of the news today, I thought that story was going to a very different place when Tel Aviv appeared in the opening line. So glad it went your direction. That was a fun journey. And it gave me an equally fun idea for a scene. So I get to say both congratulations and thanks! Keep going.

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      What a timing, John! I wasn’t aware of the news because I was trying to launch this blog since yesterday night and my computer went nuts on me… I’m so glad this was a fun journey for you and delighted that it gave you a fun idea for a scene. Please share the scene with me when you are ready. I’m so curious now…Thank you so much for your visit. This is great. I love it! 😀

  7. Susan

    Yay! Congrats on the new blog, Lilac! I can’t wait to read more of your words.

    I love these connections with strangers. Even if life didn’t take you by way of daydream, you shared a moment. It’s the moments like that that tend to make life special 😉

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      Thank you so much, Susan! I can’t wait to read more of your words too, my dear!

      I also love connections with strangers. And you are right about these moments that make our lives special. Being able to share them with you is such an amazing experience for me… 🙂

  8. Lynn Rodriguez

    Wonderful post, Lilac! French guys can be so damn charming you can’t help but get swept away at times.

    Congrats on your new blog, I ‘m looking forward to reading more.

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      Lynn, it’s so good to see you! 😀 Thank you so much for your lovely words. Such a pleasure to have you here. 🙂

      If I run into a French guy again, I will not make a move before talking to you first. 😉

        1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

          Thanks, Lynn! I’m very brave as long as the situation is not romantic…LOL 😀

  9. Lisa B.

    Kudos on setting up the blog, Lilac. And what an exciting real life story to share. I’m afraid I’m one of those woodland creatures who would have been starstruck into silence. What a great way to start the new year.

  10. Lilac Shoshani Post author

    Thank you so much, dear Lisa. It’s wonderful to have you here. 🙂 I think many people would have been starstruck into silence. I’m an extrovert and I got to spend time around famous people. So you can say that I have practice. Blogging is a great way to start the new year and meet friends like you. 🙂

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