Like an Urban Dalai Lama

Tel Aviv is small compared to NYC, for example, but it definitely has an urban vibe. From clubs to bars, cafés and restaurants, there are many places to hang until the small hours of the night. As for being like the Dalai Lama, I have a few years’ experience as a New Age Nun, which is my term for choosing a spiritual lifestyle and having an addiction to makeup…

That said, the way I react to injustices may get me out of the list of folks even remotely resembling the Dalai Lama—if there were such a list.

But I do focus on “seeing others as souls”—using Ram Dass’ words—and I love people. Devoted to daily meditation in the park, I send good thoughts and blessings to those going through wretched times on our planet. Plus I’m always ready to rescue others (whether they want it or not, but that’s for another post). And I really, really want everybody to be happy. Including you.

So back to Movieing, my favorite café in Tel Aviv. It’s after midnight, and I’m sitting at the counter with my laptop. Good music is playing in the background. It’s time to go to the bar upstairs and say hello to Adam, a nice guy I befriended here last summer. He came in a while ago with two of his friends, Joy and Sarah. I clicked with them immediately.

It’s packed upstairs. Adam and his friends are sitting by the bar, and I stand next to Adam. A guy whom none of us seems to know is sitting at the far end of the bar next to Joy. He keeps asking me to come over and talk to him as well.

I decline politely.

After hearing what everybody is doing, I tell them that I’m writing.

“Are you writing a book?” Joy asks.

“I’d rather call it my project nonsense,” I say in my usual low-key fashion, “so as not to jinx it. I’m at the editing stage.”

We chat for a while, and I’m about to leave.

“I would buy any book if your picture is on the cover,” the guy none of us seems to know says out of the blue.

“Me too,” Joy says.

“Me too,” Sarah says.

“Me too,” Adam chimes in.

I thank them humbly and go home. But I can’t avoid arriving at the following conclusions:

1. The best place to sell books is in bars.

2. People will buy my book if my picture is on the cover and they are drunk.

3. Despite my “nun-ness,” I can still get a boyfriend. At least in bars.

To be frank, I’m not fond of cameras unless they take pictures of cats. If I ever get to walk the red carpet, I will probably be the only one wearing jeans and ducking and dodging the cameras. But this is different, and I’m going to take a selfie right now. The blurrier the better.

You will find my novel at your local bar next week. Make sure to drink a double scotch, no ice, before reading it. You’ll have a blast, guaranteed.

12 thoughts on “Like an Urban Dalai Lama

  1. Donna Davis Everhart

    Your nature comes through in how you conduct yourself, Lilac! You always have such positive messages, and I realized this about you quickly!

    I love your humor too – so funny – and hard to believe you’re a “New Age Nun,” but a nun – nonetheless. (haha, nuntheless???) Hmmm – long day for me.

    Anyway, funny, great post!

  2. Lilac Shoshani Post author

    Thanks so much for your kind and heartwarming words, Donna! It definitely takes one to know one…And I’m so glad you love my humor too! This means the world to me.

    A nun – nuntheless? Haha…so cool and funny! I need this in my life. In fact, everybody does. 😉

    Today I saw one of my favorite Dalai Lama quotes: “I often ask myself what is the purpose of our lives and I conclude that life’s purpose is to be happy.”

    People like you make me happy! Thank you for your precious friendship. <3

      1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

        Your words touch my heart, Donna! Being at the top of that list is such a great honor. Please consider yourself very much loved and cared for. And know that I’m always, always there for you, my dear friend! <3


          1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

            I’m also certain that the QOTKU will get better, Donna. And I have great faith in our combined good wishes and prayers!
            It’s always such a pleasure to have you here, my precious friend! <3

  3. Carolynn Pianta

    You are so funny, and not ha, ha, funny but smile from the heart funny.
    From where I sit, you live in a very dangerous place, and from where you sit, it’s home.
    If we all viewed each other from the heart there would be no dangerous cities, no villages of fear and only friendly bars where people meet, and want to see their pictures on covers.
    I know of a place like that, Reiderville. (It has a shark as a mayor.) So glad to have met you there. You are a hell of a writer my friend, I love your voice.

  4. Lilac Shoshani Post author

    Carolynn: what you wrote about viewing each other from the heart is so beautiful, it’s perfect. We are so blessed to know Reiderville (I love it) where everybody is doing exactly that. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t give thanks for finding our beloved mayor and her community. So glad to have met you there too.

    As for a smile from the heart funny, this is exactly the kind of funny I want to be… When a writer of your caliber – I’m a huge fan of yours – says that I’m “a hell of a writer,” I become humbled and speechless. And that’s a first… ;-). I even consider going to Movieing and ordering a double scotch, no ice, to celebrate it. But most importantly, to celebrate our friendship.

    Thanks so much for loving my voice and saying such wonderful things about me! <3

  5. Julie Weathers

    Ah, Lilac. I loved this so much. I adore that you are a New Age Nun. What a sweet spirit. It’s good to have people like you to counterbalance my curmudgeoness. I’ll be buying your book also, picture or not. I look forward to more posts. I’m enjoying the blog hopping so much.

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      Julie, your visit delights me! I will buy your book too, that’s for sure. Nobody in their right mind would want to miss that. As for counterbalancing your “curmudgeoness,” I think that you have the kindest heart and the sweetest soul. Thanks so much for visiting me and for suggesting blog hopping to the Reiders! <3

  6. Colin Smith

    You are funny, Lilac, and you do write well. You might be relatively new to blogging, but you’ve caught on very quickly. Keep up the good work–like others, I’m enjoying these stories. 🙂

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      It’s so much fun to have you here, Colin! Thanks so much for saying that I’m funny and do write well: YAY! I’m so glad I’ve started blogging, I love it. And it’s wonderful that you enjoy my stories. Nothing could make me happier, my dear friend! 😀

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