The Party

Previously on Writing & Interacting: I was invited to a New Year’s Eve party at Movieing, my favorite café in Tel Aviv. Some friends of mine were going to be the DJs. There was also another reason why I looked forward to this party…

New Year’s Eve parties are my only shot at glam in this country. And when I say “glam,” I don’t mean fancy dresses and ball gowns. My kind of glam is more along the lines of torn jeans, glittery or shining top, high-heeled boots (just a reminder: historically, men wore high heels first) and a flamboyant jacket.

But… on New Year’s Eve, I got caught up in work stuff and had to make some important phone calls – it was Saturday, and Sunday is no weekend here.

When I checked the time again, it wasn’t 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm as I had expected.

It was 11:45 pm.

At that point, my preparation for the party sucked. I had only managed to take a shower earlier on and to put on some clean and comfy…pajamas.

It was too early for glam then (I can’t believe I just said that… 🙂 ).

Plus, I still had to go to the neighborhood park before the party because I wanted to make wishes there for everyone–you included–just before the old turned into the new.

If I ran, it would take me three minutes to get there.

I speedily drew on crooked eyeliner, put tons of glitter on my eyelids and applied red lipstick (on my lips, in case you’re wondering). Then I hid my pajamas under a huge coat and put on my park boots. It was raining, hence probably muddy out there.

A quick glance at the mirror by the front door horrified me.

What I saw wasn’t glam: I saw a clown.

I grabbed a makeup wipe and removed most of the glitter and the red lipstick, quickly. I only left the crooked eyeliner on – I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

Then I ran to the park with my umbrella and a plastic bag so I could sit on a bench under a tree near the river close to the stars and make wishes.

When I checked the time again, it was already 12:30 am on January 1, 2017 — I had had many wishes to make. The world is in a terrible state.

I could still go home and change my clothes and get another shot at the red lipstick. But I didn’t have time to spare: I still had work awaiting me for Sunday.

I resolved to go to Movieing café in my pajamas (under my coat) with my muddy park boots and the crooked eyeliner. It would be dark. Nobody would notice me. I’d be there for five minutes tops, just to hear my DJ friends. Then I’d go home.

I guess I’m a pretty poor excuse for an extrovert. I like crowds only if there is a stage and I am standing on it. But when I arrived at the cafe, it wasn’t as crowded as I had thought it would be — probably because people work on Sundays. And…everyone seemed to have noticed me. They also seemed to be happy to see me, and they said they were glad I hadn’t brought my laptop along.

At least that’s what I thought that they said. Though wonderful, the music was loud.

“I never bring my laptop to parties,” I said defensively.

(I did bring a book to a glitzy party in LA once. It proved to be a guy-magnet, but that is another story.)

I ended up dancing with everyone at the café. I hadn’t danced so freely since I was in junior high, and Laura told me that I danced like a s***. That was before I owned my s***ness. And I don’t say it cynically. I mean it.

I feel like Stephen King’s protagonist in 11/22/63 when I go back in time like that. (Unlike his protagonist, I can’t physically go back to a time before I lived–but if it were for the sake of saving the world, time travel would be right up my alley.)

One of the staff members at the café gave me a chaser. I rarely drink, and I had hardly eaten all day. I was drunk in no time, but I still didn’t feel like going home.

Only there was something else I had to do that was much more important than work: I wanted to wish a Happy New Year to Janet Reid and her community.

I pulled myself together and left the café.

Back at home, I drank some water and fixed something light to eat.

It helped a little but not enough–unless I wanted to leave Janet a comment in a language I haven’t master. As for getting any work done, it was out of the question — I’d ruin everything.

I had to tell myself the usual before calling it a night: tomorrow is another day.


I know  this is not an easy day for my American friends. I stand by you and send you love and blessings. <3 <3 <3

9 thoughts on “The Party

  1. Jay

    Your ability to narrate a story is sterling, Lilac. You have this innate ability to draw the reader in and make her/him a part of the experience. The mark of a master storyteller. Its great that the party was a success in ways that you had not imagined, but a good surprise nonetheless. I’m honoured to have been shared the experience with through this forum. As always, my best to you. Keep the story going, you are a natural.

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      Thank you so much for your lovely words, Jay! I was visiting FB (briefly) and saw your poetry… I was flabbergasted. You are a genius. And you know that I’m great at spotting talent. 😉 I don’t know much about copyrights, but FB may not be the safest place when it comes to protecting them. So make sure your poetry is safe, and get it published already, for crying out loud. The world needs your poetry ASAP!

      1. Jay

        Thank you, Lilac. You are too kind. I write to share my words. Commercial interests do not concern me. On the contrary, if someone finds them worth using, it will only make me happy. These are the poems that i wrote with my heart at one time not too long ago; as a gift, not to be published; but my inability to read a situation turned them upon me 🙂 … I hear you about writing poetry to publish, maybe i will. As for spotting talent, you do not have to look far, only in the mirror. Thank you again. It was great hearing from you. Good luck!

  2. Donna Everhart

    You are so much braver than me! Attending a party in your pjs? WHAT? Under a coat? And hardly any makeup…WHAT? And you danced like s***

    On. The. Floor.


    Like I said, brave. I’m glad you had fun! I’m still laughing at your glittery eyeshadow/red lipstick stuff.

    Thank you for your good wishes, and thoughts, as always, Lilac!

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      Pjs, no makeup, and dancing like a s***…who knows what will become of me when I (REALLY) grow up?

      But there is no way I am braver than you, Donna!


      The long coat and the knee-high boots covered pretty much everything but my face….haha. And I guess they are used to my crooked eyeliner at the cafe’… they see it on a daily basis. 😉

      As for my good wishes and thoughts, you are very very welcome. I keep you and all our friends in my thoughts and prayers.

      It makes me so happy that I made you laugh!

  3. Diane Major

    I may need some caffeine – does that asterisked-out word end with “lut”? 🙂

    Happy new year, dear. Just yesterday, I said the day felt like another kind of new year, an entry into a new era. Thank you for your wishes – or your prayers, dear nun!

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      Haha, Diane! With or without caffeine you have got it right: that asterisked-out word ends with “lut.” 😉

      Happy new year to you too, my dear. Yesterday did feel like “an entry into a new era.” I believe that with people like us who care so much, it will be a good one despite everything.

      As for my wishes and prayers (I combine both and then turn them into blessings;-) ) — you are very very welcome, dear friend!

    1. Lilac Shoshani Post author

      It is so good to see you here, Carolynn! And I think the world knows, my dear.
      Praying for you. <3

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